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  • Through a Local’s Lens: Deirdre Griffith
  • AERC Hall of Fame Nominations Due July 18
  • Study: Oral Stem Cells Might Help Horses’ Wounds Heal
  • Equine Activity Statutes
  • 2022 Yellowhammer photos by Becky Pearman
  • A Horseback Adventure Across Europe
  • Turkey: First endurance races at the Black Sea
  • Journey to the Mongol Derby: Mental Preparation & Growth throughout COVID
  • Shaikh Nasser wins in Italy
  • Standardbred Incentive Program introduced by USTA
  • New Zealand: Mum and daughter win 100 miler endurance race on their trusty steeds
  • 2022 Cinders Trot Endurance ride photos by Susan Kordish
  • Ride the Pony Express Trail
  • Eco-friendly event promised for Italy’s endurance world champs
  • Going the Distance: How Emirati Endurance Rider Fatima Al Harthi Is Paving The Way For Women In Sports

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    Through a Local’s Lens: Deirdre Griffith

    Photo: Stevie Delahunt // @adventuristbarbie

    Buckrail.com - Full Article

    by Buckrail @ Lindsay
    May 27, 2022

    JACKSON, Wyo. — Two years in the making, Deirdre Griffith is finally headed to race in the Mongol Derby, a grueling 621-mile (100km) race across the Mongolian steppe.

    Griffith will use the race to raise funding for the new Parental Mental Wellness Program she helped create at St. John’s Health.

    “I struggled with [postpartum depression] myself, so when I was thinking about this race, I wanted to use it as a platform for something. When I thought about it it was something that seemed like such a simple fix, and it would have a big impact on the community...”

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    AERC Hall of Fame Nominations Due July 18


    Be sure to get your AERC Hall of Fame nominations in by July 18 for Hall of Fame people, Hall of Fame equines, Pard'ners Award, Volunteer Service Award, and Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award.

    You can find the nomination forms and info here:

    Study: Oral Stem Cells Might Help Horses’ Wounds Heal

    TheHorse.com - Full Article

    Body and leg wounds treated promptly with MSCs originating in the mouth heal better than untreated wounds.

    Posted by Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA | May 20, 2022

    Scientists might have just discovered a very “cheeky” solution to equine skin wounds: oral stem cells.

    Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) harvested from the mouth of one donor horse led to improved healing of other horses’ open body and leg wounds. The researchers’ findings suggest MSCs originating in the mouth might spur cellular changes that improve the way equine skin heals, said Olivier Lepage, DVM, PhD, of the Group for Medical and Rehabilitation Research in Sport Horses (GREMERES), part of the Centre for Equine Health at the National Veterinary School at Lyon – VetAgro Sup, in Marcy l’Etoile, France.

    Skin wounds in horses—especially on the lower legs—are notoriously difficult and time-consuming to heal, Lepage said. They can create stubborn biofilms that further delay healing, and can close with tough layers of exuberant granulation tissue—also known as proud flesh—that is not only unsightly but also less stretchy than normal skin...

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    Equine Activity Statutes

    EquineLegalSolutions.com - Full Article

    As of 2022, only three states, California, Maryland and New York, do not have equine activity statutes (though New York has a “safety in agricultural tourism act” that defines certain responsibilities for visitors to agricultural facilities). Do equine activity statutes offer real protection for horse people? If so, what protection do they provide, and are there any traps for the unwary?

    What Are Equine Activity Statutes?

    Equine activity statutes are laws designed to limit liability for injuries and deaths connected with horse-related activities. The principle of equine activity statutes is a long-standing legal doctrine, “assumption of the risk.” A person assumes the risk of participating in an activity if they have full knowledge of the risks involved and decide to participate anyway. Assumption of the risk is often a successful legal defense in horse accident cases, even in states without equine activity statutes.

    How Can Equine Activity Statutes Benefit Me?

    Equine activity statutes have two key benefits...

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    2022 Yellowhammer photos by Becky Pearman

    2022 Yellowhammer Endurance ride photos in Alabama by Becky Pearman:

    A Horseback Adventure Across Europe

    FEI.org - Full Story

    23 May 2022
    Words by Richard Mulligan

    Louis Hall and Anglo-Arab horse Sasha are venturing 2,500km for charity...

    An award-winning actor is raising thousands of pounds for good causes supporting refugees and mental health through an awe-inspiring horseback trek across Europe.

    Louis Hall and his Anglo-Arab horse Sasha are now more than 1,400km into their 2,500km journey labelled ‘The Big Hoof’. The four-month trek has already taken them from Tuscany in central Italy to the south of France, and they aim to reach the finish line in Cape Finisterre on the north-western coast of Spain in July.

    Every step they make during the trail, which began in March, will help to spread awareness for sufferers of mental health issues everywhere and to raise money for Amna, a charity that supports refugees and their trauma...

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    Turkey: First endurance races at the Black Sea

    Endurance-World.com - Full Article

    Race Report made with the assistance of Tuana Aksoylar
    Photo Credit: Light Collector
    20 May 2022

    Saturday 7 May 2022. Turkey’s very first CEI2* 120 and CEI1* 100 endurance competitions were held at the TK Cowboy Ranch in Palivor Town, the İğneada region of Kırklareli city.

    Since the 2010 Endurance Balkan Championship, Turkey has not been able to host International endurance competitions, this is now all history thanks to the vision of Turan Karaman, owner of the TK Cowboy Ranch. The track consisted of different stages where the riders got to ride on the soft sandy beach of Black Sea as well as into the forest .

    A total of 19 combinations entered with 18 Turkish riders and one foreign rider from Greece, Pantelis Selonikios. The CEI2* race started at 06:00 and the CEI1* race at 06:30 into the green forest of İğneada. The ride for all horses on the first and second loop was smooth, however during the third loop the temperatures increased...

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    Journey to the Mongol Derby: Mental Preparation & Growth throughout COVID

    Photo © The Adventurists via flickr

    ThePlaidHorse.com - Full Article

    May 20 2022

    Although this journey has been tailored to prepare me specifically for the Mongol Derby, it has inadvertently prepared me to become a more well-rounded equestrian and woman.

    Growing up in the Hunter/Jumpers, I spent years competing against riders more fortunate than me. It was easy to get wrapped up in the A-circuit pretentiousness and lose track of what attracted me to the sport. Although I now only compete minimally (mainly due to financial constraints), taking a step back from the show ring has allowed me to rediscover my passion for all things horse, appreciating the process from hoof to jump, all the while enjoying each ride and acknowledging each little “win...”

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    Shaikh Nasser wins in Italy

    GDNOnline.com - Full Article

    Other Sports
    Sun, 22 May 2022

    His Majesty King Hamad’s representative for humanitarian works and youth affairs and captain of the Royal Endurance Team Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa has added another feather to his bright record in endurance sport at the European level after winning the 160km race of the Montalcino International Endurance Championship held in Italy.

    The race also featured wide participate of elite riders from several European countries...

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    Standardbred Incentive Program introduced by USTA


    20 May 2022

    Columbus, OH — The U.S. Trotting Association announced the launch of the Standardbred Incentive Program (SIP) on Thursday to recognize harness racing horses who participate in disciplines other than racing and to provide awards for leading contestants.

    Participants (riders and drivers) who take a registered Standardbred to a show or endurance ride can now submit placings via their UTSA MyAccount to accumulate points for year-end awards.

    A formula will determine the number of points earned during each event based on the horse’s placing, the number of entries in the class/ride and whether it is a Standardbred-only or open event.

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    New Zealand: Mum and daughter win 100 miler endurance race on their trusty steeds

    NZHerald.co.nz - Full Article

    Kerry Rowe Photography

    By David Haxton

    A mother and daughter have triumphed in an epic horse riding distance competition for the second year in a row.

    Jaki Bickerton, from Ōtaki, and Natalie Paroli, from Levin, completed the 160km distance in 13 hours and 40 minutes, to claim first and second respectively in the Distance Riding New Zealand national championships.

    The pair, on purebred Arabians named SS Silas and Rivervale Shiloh Me, were among 14 riders in the 100 miler class who set out on Saturday, May 14 to attempt five loops over rolling farmland in Kuratau in a single day...

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    2022 Cinders Trot Endurance ride photos by Susan Kordish

    2022 Cinders Trot Endurance Ride in Arizona by Susan Kordish

    Pre-ride and Day 1:

    Day 2:

    Ride the Pony Express Trail

    HorseIllustrated.com - Full Article

    The Pony Express National Historic Trail provides a chance to experience a piece of romanticized American history.

    By Stacey McKenna
    May 4 2022

    From April 1860 to October 1861, hundreds of young men rode relays between Sacramento, Calif., and St. Joseph, Mo., delivering letters for along the Pony Express Trail. Though short-lived, the system was the first truly rapid mail service to cross the Rocky Mountains and connect communities out west with those east of the Missouri River.

    Today, tourists can cycle, hike, drive, and ride parts of the more than 1,800-mile route, and intrepid equestrians can replay the adventure on their own mounts by joining the National Pony Express Association’s annual Re-Ride...

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    Eco-friendly event promised for Italy’s endurance world champs

    Horsetalk.co.nz - Full Article

    May 19, 2022

    A legacy of the 2022 FEI Endurance World Championships in Verona, Italy, will be the transformation of the competition track into a horse riding trail in sync with the area’s eco-tourism values.

    The event in October is being run at Isola della Scala in the Veneto countryside, an area rich in scenic beauty and renowned for the production of Vialone Nano rice – a short-grain or “dwarf” rice especially suited to risotto.

    In describing endurance as “one of the most eco-friendly disciplines on the equestrian scene”, Event Director James Coppini said that in the current world climate, the championships had “really important social connotations”...

    Read more here:

    Going the Distance: How Emirati Endurance Rider Fatima Al Harthi Is Paving The Way For Women In Sports

    HarpersBazaarArabia.com - Full Story

    by Jessica Michault
    May 18, 2022

    She’s giving a new face to the century-old sport of endurance riding

    The first thing you notice about 30-year-old Fatima Al Harthi is her smile. It lights up her face. And she smiles quite a lot when she talks about her love of horses and her passion for endurance riding. The second thing you notice about Fatima? Her drive. As one of the first female professional endurance riders to represent the UAE, she has doggedly honed her craft since the tender age of 16. Today top endurance horse owners in the region turn to this Emirati native to ride their most challenging steeds.

    It’s no wonder then that Canon Middle East recently tapped Fatima as one of its 2022 Trailblazer honorees, alongside two other groundbreaking individuals, Dubai-based Swiss watchmaker Maximilian Büsser and interior designer Laila Al Yousuf. “It was really such a happy moment when I found out about it,” admits Fatima. “Also I liked that they picked me because they thought I could inspire other women,” she adds.

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