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  • 2021 October's Horses in the Morning Podcast
  • Jordanian Endurance Trainer Doping Suspension
  • 2021 Virginia City 100 - Jay Mero
  • Nicole Wertz Wins Virginia City 100 to Earn 23rd Buckle
  • 2021 Lava Cast Endurance ride photos in Oregon by Alex & David Lewis, Dream Team Photography
  • Man and horse travel 2,500 miles from California to Kentucky
  • Junior Olivia Valtierra Claims Idaho IronHorse Title
  • Bernice Ende's Last Long Ride
  • Germany: First time races in Trechwitz
  • A Memorable Ride Into the Bob - TrailMeister
  • A Knight's Tale: Ledger's First Ride at Old Selam - Tamara Baysinger
  • 2021 Autumn Sun Pioneer: A Fine Trial Run for Next Year's Distance Horse National Championships
  • 2021 Autumn Sun Endurance ride photos in Idaho by Merri Melde

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    2021 October's Horses in the Morning Podcast

    Horsesinthemorning podcast - Listen

    Revisit Endurance Day: Endurance for the Clueless Equestrian for 10-12-2021 by Horseware

    Oct 12, 2021

    Revisit: Karen Chaton is joined by Patti Stedman to tell us just about everything we need to know to get through our first Endurance ride. Heather ‘Flash’ Accardo talks about her preparations for the Mongol Derby and common Endurance acronyms are deciphered, plus we make up a few new ones. Listen in...


    Jordanian Endurance Trainer Doping Suspension


    19 Octobrt 2021

    The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decision in two equine anti-doping cases involving a Banned Substance.

    Two horses trained by Khldoon Mohd Al Sayed (FEI ID 10014556/JOR), tested positive for the Banned Substance Strychnine following samples taken at the CEI1*80 – Wadi Rum (JOR), on 14 November 2019.

    The trainer was not able to establish how the Banned Substance entered the system of each horse.

    In its Final Decision, the FEI Tribunal imposed a three-year suspension on the trainer, deeming that, the same trainer having two horses testing positive at the same event, constituted aggravating circumstances. The period of the provisional suspension of the trainer, which came into effect on 13 January 2020, shall be credited against the period of ineligibility, meaning he will be ineligible until 12 January 2023. The trainer was also fined CHF 7,500 and asked to pay costs of CHF 2,000. The FEI Tribunal also disqualified both athlete and horse combinations from the event...

    More at: http://news.endurance.net/2021/10/jordanian-endurance-trainer-doping.html

    2021 Virginia City 100 - Jay Mero

    October 18 2021
    by Jay Mero

    Virginia City 100 lived up to it’s reputation. Rocks, rocks and more rocks but also lots and lots of climbing and ups and downs.

    We had a rough couple weeks leading up to the ride. Our 3rd mare Stella our friend Chelsea was going to ride decided to skid down some pavement two weeks before and redecorate a front knee. Then Lena struggled with her feet and shoeing, and was lame off and and on, better and then worse, ten days before the ride.  I wasn’t sure we’d be able to fix it in time. Lots of hand wringing. Turns out after much anxiety and diagnosing and shoes taken on and off - fixing one problem, then creating another problem - the last lameness was just a couple close nails on her LF. The problem was there were no other holes to use, so a late Tuesday 4:20 pm call and plea to Riding Warehouse (they were amazing and got the boots to me next day)and I had a new set of big enough Easy Boot gloves to go on over the front shoes to hold everything on since the LF only had 3 nails holding the whole thing on.

    After all that drama things seemed to smooth out. The trip to camp and the pre ride was all easy. It was wild to literally ride through the middle of Virginia City and warm up in a parking lot on Main Street to await ride start at 5 am. ...

    Read the rest at:

    Nicole Wertz Wins Virginia City 100 to Earn 23rd Buckle

    October 18 2021

    Nicole Wertz and All For You crossed the finish line of the Virginia City 100 on Saturday night at 10:39 PM to win the ride, earning her 23rd VC buckle. Kassandra DiMaggio aboard One Sun finished second, also at 10:39, and earned next morning's Best Condition award.

    Nicole also won the VC 100 in 2013 (in a tie with Diane Stevens riding Banderaz LC) riding her one-eyed Friesian cross Golden Knight.

    36 started the 100, with 20 finishing.

    More to come at:

    2021 Lava Cast Endurance ride photos in Oregon by Alex & David Lewis, Dream Team Photography


    Man and horse travel 2,500 miles from California to Kentucky

    WDRB.com - Article & Video

    Dominik Fuhrmann
    Oct 7, 2021 Updated Oct 8, 2021

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If anyone in Louisville saw a guy on a horse going across the Big Four Bridge this week, you weren't imagining things.

    Patrick Sullivan is riding his horse, Gamilah, bareback and bridleless across country.

    "We've traveled 2,400 miles from California to Kentucky here, and we're finishing at the Kentucky Horse Park," he said.

    WDRB Photojournalist Dominik Fuhrmann caught up with Sullivan and his 9-year-old Egyptian Arabian mare while they were passing through Louisville.

    Gamilah is a "liberty horse," which means Sullivan doesn't use ropes, reins, a saddle or a bridle. The horses are trained to choose to work with their rider, and it trains using positive reinforcement or clickers...

    See more here:

    Junior Olivia Valtierra Claims Idaho IronHorse Title

    by Merri Melde-Endurance.net
    October 15 2021

    11-year-old Endurance rider Olivia Valtierra claimed the 2021 Junior division Idaho IronHorse LD last weekend. This title is awarded to the rider who completes at least nine days of the 3-day City of Rocks Pioneer ride in Almo in June, the 3-day Top o’ the World Pioneer ride near Spencer in July, the 3-day Old Selam Pioneer in Idaho City in August, and the 3-day Autumn Sun Pioneer near Gooding in October. Olivia rode all days of LDs except Old Selam.

    Riding her 19-year-old trusty gelding Tai Bo, Olivia was sponsored on most of the rides by her mom Jessica Valtierra and grandmother Veronica Simpson (these 3 were on the cover of the June Endurance News magazine) and her aunt Lindsay Fisher. She also rode parts of the Top O’ the World trails with Steven Coziah, who, aboard his mustang The Duchess of Beatty’s Butte, earned the senior division title of Idaho IronHorse LD.

    2021 was Olivia’s first year of Endurance riding, completing all 11 of her rides with Tai Bo - watch out for this Junior in the future!


    Bernice Ende's Last Long Ride


    October 7, 2021

    On Saturday, October 2, Bernice passed away in New Mexico at her sister’s home, peacefully and quietly. Just how she wanted. Her two sisters were by her side and the horses close by.

    Bernice stated often how she had lived an extraordinary life. She loved horses, adventures, being outside and meeting all of you who were part of her Lady Long Rider journey. Her family is so thankful for the encouragement, support and love you provided.

    Bernice requested a small and private memorial with family only. If you would like to do something in Bernice’s memory please give to your favorite charity and continue to pass on the kindness and love you have shown Bernice.

    Germany: First time races in Trechwitz

    Endurance-World.com - Full Article

    Race Report made with the assistance of Juliette Mallison
    Photo Credit: Juliette Mallison and Miriam Lewin
    14th October 2021

    Trechwitz, Germany. Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September 2021.

    CEI 1* and 2* rides over 100km and 120km for seniors and young riders/juniors took place for the first time at the Biohof zu Mühlenberg in Trechwitz in the state of Brandenburg located not far from Berlin.

    The CEI rides in Trechwitz were new rides along forest and field tracks in a beautiful region of Brandenburg which included part of the National Park Rietzer See. As the riders were on the first loop they were accompanied by the cries of thousands of wild geese, that rose into the air as they went by the lake. Quite a new experience on a ride! This loop also included a metal bridge which, despite being covered with a carpet and wood shavings, was not always the easiest to cross for the horses. However this was managed without too much difficulties.

    After Covid and with the FEI Herpes Requirements, riders were eager to start, finish and qualify on these new FEI rides. Riders and horses came from the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland...

    Read more here:

    A Memorable Ride Into the Bob - TrailMeister

    TrailMeister.com - Full Article

    A pack trip cut short

    July 19, 2021
    by TrailMeister

    Outside an emergency room entrance, a strange town stretching ahead. Wobbling: unsteady on new crutches, a hospital issue suit of sweatpants and t-shirt was completed with a single anti-slip sock. A flimsy plastic bag held all my belongings; a vial of narcotics and $150 in cash. No wallet, no ID, and no phone. It was not a good way to end a day.

    The Setting

    The Continental Divide Trail ranged ahead towards its terminus in Canada. Closer was the famed Chinese Wall in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Closer yet was our lunch destination in the aptly named Pretty Prairie. In one of the nation’s most scenic areas, I was annoyed. This was supposed to be day 2 of a 10-day pack trip through the Bob and we hadn’t yet decamped from the trailhead. I had been planning this trip for months and wanted to get going, instead we were going on a day ride to a location I’d visited dozens of times before.

    The South Fork of the Sun River sparkled in front of us as it raced to the Gulf of Mexico over 1,000 miles away via the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. We would cross the Sun twice before we made it to our luncheon spot near the Pretty Prairie patrol cabin overlooking a glade in the forest...

    Read more here:

    A Knight's Tale: Ledger's First Ride at Old Selam - Tamara Baysingers

    TheSweatyEquestrian.com - Full Story

    by Tamara Baysinger

    Friday, September 3, 2021. In the forest near Centerville, Idaho. Early.

    Breakfast goes down on a queasy stomach. I slept some, between long bouts of tossing and turning. I'm not super nervous ~ Ledger has good training, I know these trails, and we're only going 25 miles ~ but first rides are first rides, and anything can happen. So I'm a little nervous.

    Ledger has cleaned up his hay overnight. He stands quietly for tacking up, with the help of Mr. Sweaty and a bowl of Outlast. The temperature isn't too far above freezing. Ledger shivers despite the blanket draped over his rump. I do, too.

    The clock ticks toward starting time. Riders are milling up and down the road through camp. Some quietly, some prancing, a few spinning in anxious circles. Heads are high, eyes wide, heels down. Ledger and I do groundwork, getting his mind right, not straying too far from the trailer. No need to get him and Starfish, who will be staying behind, agitated over the pending separation.

    My plan is to trot straight out of camp after most of the field is gone. Ledger will protest about leaving Starfish, but a little smack on the butt should be all it takes to keep him moving. Once we're out of earshot, we'll be golden.

    Reality isn't quite like that.

    It starts out well. A little reluctance, a little weaving, a little piaffe that's better saved for the dressage ring...but we're out of camp without much trouble. Hooray!

    And then, the ribbons lead us sharply to the right. So sharply that Ledger reckons we're headed back to his buddy. That's when he loses every marble he has.

    I feel him gather as if to run. One-rein stop! That shuts down the speed, but not the tension. He spins around. Stops. Gets light in front. Uh-oh! Disengage hindquarters NOW! We spin and spin until I find a split second in which to dismount.

    On the bright side, I'm not cold anymore...

    Read more here:

    2021 Autumn Sun Pioneer: A Fine Trial Run for Next Year's Distance Horse National Championships

    by Merri Melde-Endurance.net
    October 12 2021

    A more welcoming and well-organized group of ride management family and friends and vets you won’t find than at the Autumn Sun Pioneer ride in southern Idaho. Put on by Jessica Huber and her family at 4500’ in the Gooding foothills out of a spacious and sheltered Ridecamp,

    this year was the fourth year for this new(ish) Ride Manager, who next year will hold the The Distance Horse National Championships (50 and 100 miles), hosted by the Arabian Horse Association along with the usual Autumn Sun Pioneer.

    The endurance of horses and riders were front and center, as Idaho presented all kinds of weather over this year’s 3-day event: sun, wind, rain, fog (trails were marked so well that nobody got lost in the fog!)

    The ride had a bit of Endurance royalty in attendance: AERC Hall of Famer and highest-mileage-rider-ever Dave Rabe (73,000+ miles) and two of his rather famous horses, White Cloud and Cocamoe Joe, parked next to us in Ridecamp; AERC’s winningest rider Christoph Schork rode the 100; Suzie Hayes (AERC Pard’ners Award with Kootenai Zizzero in 1997 and Hall of Fame equine in 2011) rode the 100; Joyce Sousa (AERC Pard’ners Award with Jim Bob in 2001; Hall of Fame equines Jim Bob in 2005 and LV Integrity in 2015) rode with her daughter Jennifer Neihaus in the 100. And you couldn’t miss Piece of Perfection, aka Flash the Hackney pony, (Tevis Cup finisher this year), who carried Kyla’s little sister Layla on day 2’s 55-miler...

    Read the rest and see more photos here:

    2021 Autumn Sun Endurance ride photos in Idaho by Merri Melde

    2021 Autumn Sun Endurance ride photos in Idaho by Merri Melde
    (Merri shot days 1 and 2, and ride manger Jessica Huber's dad Wally Bodenhofer shot day 3 so Merri could ride Hillbillie Willie!):