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What is Ridecamp? Back in 1994 I started an email listserve for Endurance Riders. It has since grown, with around 5000 members currently. Most people do not post to Ridecamp@endurance.net, but stay connected through discussions, news, and announcements. The email list is open to anybody, but you must register first. This way we keep spammers off the list. You can subsribe to the 'as it happens' email stream, or to a digest version. Come join us!
Steph Teeter

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1995-2009 Ridecamp posts

How about an Endurance.Net email address?? yourname@endurance.net ! personalized, low-spam email. It's your own personal email address, and works just like other accounts (gmail, yahoo). You can check your email from any web browser.
A yourname@endurance.net email can be used as an 'alias' or extra email address, or it can be your only account and replace the other.
$50/year (our cost) for the first year, afterwards $75/year to help cover administrative costs.
Contact me about a you@endurance.net address!

To place a Classified Ad:

Send an email to ridecamp@endurance.net with

subject: CLASSIFIED/(your ad) , e.g. "CLASSIFIED Bighorn Saddle for Sale"

body: the text of your ad including contact information, and one image, not to exceed 1 MB in size.

You do not need to be a subscriber to Ridecamp@endurance.net to place an ad. The email ad will be forwarded to the list if it is appropriate.

If you are not a ridecamp@endurance.net subscriber, you can read the Ridecamp posts, including the classified ads by selecting the Ridecamp navigation box at the top of any Endurance.Net page.

How to sign up for Ridecamp

1. go to this page (but not yet! read all the instructions first!)
2. click on Sign in in the upper right corner.
3. you will see this page, and do the things in red:

Now select your preferences (email, web only, digest, etc) and save.
That's it!!
To post to Ridecamp, simply address your email to ridecamp@endurance.net. You might not see your own message in your email reader, but if you go to the Ridecamp page, it will be there.
If not - email me and we'll figure it out :)